Different ways to Hide Your IP Address And Geolocation

Hide My IP address

In today’s Internet world, there are many ways, from which we can transfer data from one place to another, one of them is the IP address. The Ip address defines the Internet protocol address. You can have any device like a mobile phone, computer, router, and extender. There is a separate IP address for every device. The IP address is the name of the device, It is pronounce in the Internet world by this name. Without Ip address, we cannot connect a network with one device to another. We can also says to IP an Ip address in simple words, it can be a unique address from which the device is identified. We can also Hide My IP address.

There are 2 types of IP address, the first one is Internet protocol version 4(IPv4) and another is Internet protocol version 6(IPv6). The IPv4 consist of four-two or- three-digit number in separate periods. IPv6 is a very long address, it also includes letters and numbers. Hide my IP address of your Geolocation is effortless. If you hide the IP address from any app then it is possible that your internet speed may be slow. Then, you can use a different way to hide the My IP Address of the Geolocation. Through these ways, we can easily hide IP. I’ll tell you a few ways below.

Different ways to Hide My IP Address

If you hide the IP address from your device, then it is safe, no one else can see the IP address from it. The different ways of hiding the IP address are given below.

1. Using Software to hide my IP

If you want to use the software to hide the IP address, then this way is very simple and every user can do it easily. If you want to hide the IP from any software, then the software will have to be updated. Software that will be made for your device, you can use it. But using the software will slow down the speed of your Intent, due to which you will have a lot of trouble. As soon as you do some online work, it will start buffering. For this, you should adopt another way.

2. VPN( Virtual Private Network) to hide my IP address

VPN is the best and more reliable option to Hide the IP, whose full name is Virtual Private Network. This is a technology that creates a safe connection in public networks such as the Internet and private networks such as WiFi. This way is the greatest way to hide your IP and to prevent personal data from hackers. The VPN is the secure way to torrent. In some of the VPNs, a subscription is require to hide the IP, but you can download the app on the device and easily Hide my IP address without any subscription. Which will benefit that if an internet website will be block according to your country, then you can easily access it.

3. Browser to hide my IP

Tor browser is software that can be used to hide my IP. This browser has been created by the Tor project, which makes your details be secure. It has a huge network of self-operated servers by volunteers across the world. This makes all encryption and decryption slower, so it is not good for streaming and downloading. The way to use the browser is to download and install it from the Google Play Store, and it works like other browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla.

4. Use a Proxy Server

Yes, like VPNs, the proxy server is also the middle man between your Devisor website. Which switches the address for you. Using a web proxy server is as easy as typing the name of the website in the address bar of the browser. If you access a website directly from a computer, the server where that website is hosted reaches your IP address. In this case, more information can also be found apart from your location. But you can hide your IP address by using the proxy.

5. Use public WiFi to hide my IP

Your IP address is provide by the Internet service provider, if you connect to the Internet through a separate network, then it will be given a new one. You need to change your PIN address so you can go to other spots with public WiFi. Because the public wifi is a shared connection, your activity cannot be detected by this. In this, you can easily connect to the public WiFi network and hide my Ip address.

6. Unplug your modem

If you want to hide a PIN, you can hide it by changing the address. For this, you can unplug your modem and plug it in again and receive a new IP. When you lose connection with the Internet service provider, then you will get the old IP address recycled. In the case if you re-establish a network connection again, a new IP address will be given. When you unplug the modem for a long time, then Ip address will be changed.

7. Use a mobile Network

When you are not having access to public WiFi, you can use your mobile network to hide the Ip. By using the mobile network, you can easily hide the IP address, this is a temporary solution for you. This way can be a bit expensive when you download many videos and watch HD videos. You can hide the IP then, turn On the mobile data and going to the Setting and hide my Ip address.

8. Use a NAT firewall to hide my IP address

NAT Firewall is the software to secure our computer and hide the IP address. But this method applies to a private IP address. The NAT firewall’s full name is Network Address Translation. This protects the IP from hackers and Malvaar. The benefit of this is that you avoid having to receive unrequeste communication with unknown internet. But it does not hide the public address, VPN is a good way to hide it.